Roaming Robots

Roaming Robots is now Europe’s leading and trend setting robotic entertainments company, and has held this position for over 13 years. It is always aiming to improve the shows and services to keep making steps forward. The company are responsible for the Robot Wars Live tour.

The company comprises of a number of unique individuals who have all taken part on the hit TV show Robot Wars. They have all enjoyed building robots and competing in the fighting robots community for many years, and have now decided it's time to give something back.

The company’s success is due not only to the hard work and determination of the crew, but also down to one key person, namely the Director John Findlay. Having graduated from Coventry University with a BEng Automotive Engineering Design degree and a bit of a part time inventor, it was John who decided to take the plunge and start Roaming Robots and is mainly responsible for the continued interest of the UK Fighting Robots. During the 13 year spell of working in the entertainment industry he has been involved in many different projects and TV shows. Guinness world record for highest popping toaster, BBC2 - Robot Wars, BBC3 - Mechanoids, BBC - Geronimo, BBC - Epic Win, Sky 1 - Gadget Geeks, Channel 5 - How to survive a disaster movie.

Many years ago Roaming Robots became established in the corporate entertainment sector providing action packed packages to entertain guests at corporate functions, birthday parties, and a wide range of educational projects, which he takes into schools, colleges and universities on a regular basis.

As he encourages roboteers of all ages, John has school classes, hobby clubs, students and scout groups who build their own robots both with and without him. These are becoming a potent force in the events.

It is easy to see why building robots is a fun way of gaining education in many disciplines - design, art, technical drawing, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, general engineering and of course, "team building".

For more information about how you can get your students building robots, or your sons friends playing with robots at his birthday party, or something off the wall visit the website at