House Robots

The Robot Wars live tour is constantly improving, and the 2016 seasonis set to be a record breaking year. Keeping an eye on the arena and the competitor robots are our two famous House Robots. You certainly wouldn’t want to meet either of them in a dark alley at night!


Matilda is one of the most iconic robots of all time, with her flashing eyes, lifting tusks, and rear spinning flywheel. Her good looks hide her destructive nature well.

Even though she is getting on a bit, she still performs well and is a crowd favourite.

Weight: 120kg
Size: L 0.5m x W 0.8m x H 0.5m
Drive: 2 x 24v motors
Battery Power: 2 x 12v Hawker batteries
Speed Control: Vantec
Weapons: Lifting tusks and rear spinning flywheel
Strength: Speed and mobility
Weakness: Can be flipped

Major Damage

In 2007 the latest, most deadly House Robot was created - namely Major Damage. 960kg of pure brute force. A 40kg Co2 powered hammer of doom is fitted to smash the robots into the floor!!!

However the main weapon is the crushing jaw which can crush and throw robots. In 2013 the latest upgrade took it to a new level, a flame thrower fitted into its jaw will burn robots into oblivion!

Weight: 960kg
Size: L 1.4m x W 1.2m x H 1.3m
Drive: 2 x Etek DC motors
Battery Power: 6 x 12v Hawker batteries
Speed Control: 2 x 4QD 400 with interface control
Weapons: Hydraulic lifting, crushing and flame thrower jaw, 40kg hammer
Strength: Weight and size
Weakness: None