Robot Wars History


Robot Wars is an extremely popular TV show which was broadcast on BBC2 from 1998 until 2003. The final broadcast took place on Channel 5 in 2003 / 2004.

The program was a competition featuring teams of both amateur and professional engineers known as "roboteers" who  made their very own robotic creations to fight against each other in the arena.

Also in the arena were the house robots, however they weren't bound to the same weight and size restrictions, making them much more powerful and destructive. Robots who entered into the house robot zone or stopped working were then attacked and normally destroyed by the house robots.

There were 7 series of the TV show in total and the champions are as follows:

1997 Series 1 Roadblock
1998 Series 2 Panic Attack
1999 Series 3 Chaos 2
2000 Series 4 Chaos 2
2001 Series 5 Razer
2002 Series 6 Tornado
2003 Series 7 Typhoon 2

Over the years the UK championship has continued. Here's a list of the Champions so far:

2004 Terrorhurtz
2005 Kronic
2006 Turbulence
2007 Big Nipper
2008 Iron Awe 5
2009 Terrorhurtz
2010 Iron Awe 5
2011 Ripper
2012 Big Nipper
2013 Eruption
2014 Eruption
2015 TR2
And a Congratuilations to last years World Champion Toxic 2.

Since the demise of the TV show the Live Tour has kept things going. Instead of the robots rusting away in sheds all over the UK, they are out and about at events each month.

In 2007 a brand new Robot Wars House Robot was created – "Major Damage", who even though wasn't used on the TV series is well worthy of the title and has been flexing his muscles for the last 6 years. Joining forces with Major Damage in the arena for the live tour is the crowd favourite Matilda from the TV show.

The 2016 tour is the biggest to date and this is your chance to witness the carnage and destruction first hand. Tickets to the Live Tour regularly sell out so book your tickets quick.