Battling Robots - The Experience

Ever wanted to experience building a robot for yourself?

You thought since the demise of the TV show Robot Wars, the robots were rusting away in sheds, but you couldn’t be more wrong, they are out and about each week battling all over the UK.

However .... Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a roboteer? What it’s like to try and design a robot to take on other teams? Or to feel the nerves as your robot is in the arena pitched against the house robot? Well for the first time here’s the chance.
We’ve taken our ever popular educational projects we run in schools, and are now offering them to the general public.
So how does it work?
An Introduction from the 2011 UK Heavy Weight Champion robot driver John Findlay starts the day with a bang !! He will give a brief overview of how he got into Robot wars, and show us a few videos of his robot in action from the TV series, plus Major damage, Matilda and other famous robots will be on display.
Need a bit of practice ? You will get the opportunity to take control of some of our robots, experience the crash and bash of robots first hand with our flipper fitted Battle Ratz, this will certainly wet your appetite before you go on to create your own robots !
Then it’s time to get your hands dirty, working in teams you will be given a kit of components and you have to completely design, and build your own feather weight robot ready for the competition. This will test your creativity and flare, but don’t worry; complete novices can sometimes build the best competition winning robots. We will have everything waiting for you, tools, robot components, cardboard glue paper scissors etc...
After lunch, a demonstration from the heavyweight 100kg monster Ripper will show you what can be done, and its then time to put your robots to the test.
The robots will take part in two competitions.

  1. Robot Football – Has your robot got that ability to control the ball like Rooney, or take a free kick like Beckham?, well there’s no fouls or red cards in robot football, smash your way to victory by scoring as many goals as you can.
  2. Combat – Now for the real test, can the robot survive in the mix of the arena as the other teams try and destroy it..... not forgetting the house robot patrol zone, stay away from the house robot or its going  to make mince meat of you !!

An experience like no other in the world, so many can only dream about what its like, now is your chance to live the experience!! This exciting experience is guaranteed to wet the appetite of budding young future engineers !


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